For Bernadette, Trying or An Exercise in Unmyselfing

Martin Luther Clings

To the Catskill Bananas

The red fox writes in a flower home to his great-ant Chevy

No, they are mangos

Table top ten-speeds

Zip whirling around the fruit bitch

Like a man unmade

Checking the lotto for a succulent heartbreak

Celebrate Thanksfornotgiving

With the moth of the month club

Your sweet pot of toes is quiet, Frank Lee, the best.

No welcome, your thank you.

Payphone impregnates an acetone

An Abscess found on Holly’s wood

I think my son met Cherie here

Take a foe and sign it from exes and hoes

Rock glands

Turn icicles to Xerox

Where do we put the static when the fridge has come undone?

Why the mustard rat sews so many quilts, we’ll just never know.

Apocalypse hardly

Smother an apple branch in the yard

95 pages ducked and raped on a bodega door

The whore of the thesis singing Monty killed the python in the kitchen I know, oh, oh, oh

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