Sunrise For Jack Kerouac


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A poem for a poem I gave Jake the last inhale Watching the a willow tree in a cow pasture turn to gold in the Acidic sunrise of a July we tried for years to forget. The long streams of branch swaying in a breeze that bumped my gooses From collar bone to sternum Raised buttons of oooooh, of ahhhhh, Of push them, push them - - we will never get out of here if we don't move faster Before I fall apart Jake falls asleep against the wind Shielded dreaming of a riddle on a Popsicle stick His tiny fingers clutching it Jamming it into his mother’s wringing hands Asking her to just tell him what it means that he can longer read French (as I flip the tent stake Mallet around and around, leav ing bruises in the ground, wondering if it is God or my child I…

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Super Happy 24 Hours

Publishing two days in row calls for a post.  I know, I know, I’m terrible at keeping up.  But I’m busy writing other things – and submitting – and getting through grad school – and raising an 8 year old – and trying to not sleep as much as possible – and add a few hundred more things.

Just popping in to say so excited for the last day and spread the love for the two wonderful places I have been accepted in!